English Competition

On 9/4/08 (6th classes) and on 17/4/08 (7th classes) took part in the English competition in Halle.
From the 6th classes of our school  Arne Präger and Felix Urban took part and from the
7th classes Katharina Dammer and Patrick Bähr.

Arne and Felix from the 6th classes went  to Halle with Mrs. Schaller.
The competition was devided in 5 tasks.(http://www.gmf-sachsen-anhalt.de/englischolympiade.htm
there you can find it)
Food was always there.
After the meal, all students watched "Harry Potter an the chamber of secrets" (in English).
Finally there was the presentation ceremony.
Everybody was nervous.
Every student got a certificate and an English book ("The gift of the gap" by Sheily McBride).
The 2 students of the 7th classes (Katharina and Patrick) went with Mrs. Fuhr and watched
the film "The 10th kingdom".

French competition

On 05/05/2008 there was the French competition of Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium and Lucas-Cranach-Gymnasium

The following tasks were to do:

listening comprehension, grammar, puzzles, geography, monologues and dialogues.

The winners are:

Immanuel Seyferth 9a  LMG   88,5   /92 points

Friedericke Lohse         LCG   71,75 /92 points

Susanne Priegent  9a   LMG   71,5  /92 points

In the name of all French teachers congratulates

Mrs. Maiwald