History House Melanchthon

Two values are better and diviner than everything which is part of the human personality: truth and justice. The school has the task of exploring and developing both.

Philipp Melanchthon

1371 A first “rector scholarum“ (principal) in the building between the chapel and the road to church is mentioned.

1502 Founding of a university by the Elector Friedrich the Wise; upswing of the education

1564-1565 Moving of the Latin School in a new building (instead of the adjacent building) in the street Jüdenstraße; three floors with four classrooms and a teacher’s apartment.

1702 Title “Lyceum”

1734 Rebuilding

1827 Rebuilding and enlargement into the current appearance of the building; title “Königliches Gymnasium"

21.08.1886 The lay of the foundations of a new school building in the street Neustraße/corner Lutherstraße

1887/1888 Fomer students collect money in the foundation “Aulafenster”, which is used to pay a new window in the hall.

10.01.1888 The official opening of the new building, three floors, gym; area 1 ha

Sept. 1892 - 29.09.1893 The painting “Martin Luther auf dem Reichstag zu Worms” by Prof. Woldemar Friedrich (Berlin) at the eastern wall of the hall

10.11.1893 (Martin Luther's 410th birthday ) Presentation of the painting

15.02.1897 (the evening before Philipp Melanchthon's 410th birthday) The title “Melanchthon-Gymnasium” is conferred.

22.03.1897 (Kaiser Wilhelm's 100th birthday ) Two commemorative plaques for 19 students – victims of the wars 1866 and 1870/71 – by Hans Arnoldt next to the painting

1919 Title “Staatliches Gymnasium Melanchthon”

1945-1990 After the war the school was also an institution preparing students for university. Many citizens have passed their final exams and proved themselves in different fields of work until today: school, economy, research, politics, health, administration . . .
Today, the third generation goes to this school and is proud of the Melanchthon-Gymnasium. 

1991 Title “Melanchthon Gymnasium”, beginning with the 5th grade, building A and B (former: August-Bebel-Schule)

2006 Luther-Gymnasium and Melanchthon-Gymnasium go together to the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium.