European school

...means global orientation of our students by:


-        holder of the European language Seal among other things because of        a huge variety of foreign  languages ( classes in English, French, Russian, Latin, up to the Latinum, Spanish, Greek, Swedish and other offers)

-         international school partnerships (promoted student exchange programs  for example with the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, Belgium, Finland)

-         member of a nationwide network of European schools

-         various multicultural activities

-         humanistic education for tolerance and international understanding against violence    



Artistic creativity

…especially young people are attracted by the inviting kindness.

Older ones are impressed by the tradition.


-         there are printing, graphic arts and ceramic workshops

-         stage projects and theatre performances

-         intensive co-operation with professional artists and the school of arts of the Cranach foundation

-         public gallery activity





-         transfer of ecological facts into natural science lessons

-         including the pupils in everyday ecology of the school

-         separated waste disposal and waste reduction

-         taking part in various national and international environmental projects


further offers


-         various study groups

-         school orchestra, choir, public Christmas concerts

-         theatre and cabaret groups 

-         school magazine, yearbook



….the students can make their own decision in the course system


-    for example apparatus gymnasticy, gymnastics, dancing, athletics, judo, swimming, baketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, rowing, skiing   


economy as an important topic


-         economic English, economic courses and economic business

-          independent students business: private tuition “students help students”

-         junior project of the institute of German Economy Cologne

-         stock market game of the German bank Sparkasse

-         regular practical training

-         international job orientation


regular participation in numerous competition like:


-         young people do research

-         European competition

-         young people train for Olympia

-         school championships

-         political competition

-         maths, chemistry, physics competitions

-         foreign language competitions

-         young people make music

-         theatre competition