Our school consists of two different buildings since the beginning of August 2006: "Hundertwasser" and "Melanchthon".

According to Luther and Melanchthon education has to serve the following tasks:

  1. On the one hand, one has to receive the logic, poetry and rhetoric of Aristoteles.
  2. Otherwise the knowledge of foreign languages like Latin, Greek or Hebrew and the subjects mathematics, history and art have a great importance.
  3. According to Luther and Melanchthon the Greeks were "astonishing intelligent and bright people" listening to languages, learning history and playing music with the help of mathematics.
  4. You do not need "only highly educated teachers". The people have to become wise.
  5. Luther was proud of the teachers: "Anybody is able to pay their worthful work as they deserve.
  6. Luther and Melanchthon wanted every child "to be forced by the authorities to go to school."
  7. Luther claimed - apart from the knowledge of words and facts - the comprehensibility of all lessons, a thorough scientific education and respect of teachers. He demanded that the State has to build German schools for boys and girls. In 1530 the council of Lutherstadt Wittenberg decided to found the first school for girls.
  8. "One is not capable to fulfill a function" without a good education.
  9. At first, Luther founded a private school in his house: the "schola privata". The students were allowed to attend school for free, they should observe a planned structure of life and get used to a systematic way of working. They hold the view:
  10. "... A person wanting to teach other people must be highly skilled and very capable."