Connecting classrooms

Visit at another school

What’s different? - What’s the same?

On 30.08.2011 we visited one of our cluster - schools in Halle with the topic “Inclusion instead of Exclusion“. The Astrid-Lindgren-School is aschool for handicapped students and is situated in a silent part of Halle/Saale. As we arrived there , we were greated by the headmaster. We were brought into a room were we could rest for a while.

We also watched a film showing how they live and work in this school. Then we went into a sportsroom and played games to communicate better. After that we were separated into two groups so we could look at the school. The students have to wash up, prepare lunch and wash their clothes and much more. They even have a flat to practise how real life works.

After the tour we had tea and biscuits together with the students from Astrid-Lindgren-School.

We would have stayed a little longer, if we didn’t have to catch the train.


In the Name of the Connecting-Classrooms-Team

Edward Treu-Painter and Paula Gruner