Our project days with "fire" as the main topic took place on 24/01/08 and 25/01/08. As well as the 27/08/08 and 28/08/08 they were a kind of preparation for our park fête with the same main topic.

There will be lessons in the project groups on 27/08 and 28/08. And on 29/08/08 you can find all students at school from 16.00 to 21.30.

There will be many activities to see, like firedance, a drum performance, Hot Cuisine and many more. You can also learn something new about differnt things which have something to do with fire. There wil be a large number of all kinds of activities. Our students will offer you drinks and snacks. A highlight of the evening will be the music.

17.00 - 17.15 - opening

17.15 - 20.15 - presentation of the projects

20.15 - 21.30 - the "flashing" procession

21.30 - 21.45 - fire works